December, 12th, 2015

10 Reasons You Need Hero Training

1.  You haven’t used the word ‘ecosystem’ since the 4th grade.  If this is as true for you as it was for me then you’ve probably lived your entire life unaware of the fact that you are living in an ecosystem.

2.  You’ve never heard of a ‘social ecosystem.’  If this is as true for you as it is for most people then you probably don’t realize that you are always in a social ecosystem.

3.  Life is ‘just happening’ to you.  If this is the case, then chances are you haven’t taken charge of creating the kinds of social ecosystems in which you can be well and do well in life.

4.  Your life sucks.  There’s a good chance that if you’re not all that great at social ecosystem management then you’re probably not getting your basic human mental health needs met or having much luck advancing progress toward personal goals.

5.  You use alcohol or drugs to “feel better.”  You’re not alone on this one! Living, working, learning, and even playing in toxic and dysfunctional social ecosystems can be very emotionally painful experiences.  Many people use substances as a way of numbing the pain.  Of course the problem with this strategy is that it targets only the symptom of the problem (i.e. pain) but not the cause of the symptom (i.e. living, working, learning, and playing in toxic and dysfunctional social ecosystems).

6.  You’d rather just pray about it.  Nothing wrong with that! I highly recommend this as a strategy so long as it is coupled with goal-directed, standards-based, pro-social, intentional action.  Otherwise, it might look like you are just avoiding personal responsibility for ‘being a good steward [of the social ecosystem].’

7.  You hate drama.  I hear that! I hate drama too – but guess what? The only way to reduce drama in the long-run is to create drama in the short-term.  Here’s why:  If the problem you’re dealing with is a bully or an abuser, then they will create drama whenever you start to improve situational conditions. They’ll do this because they know that you will do anything to make the drama go away – including giving up on your efforts to change things!

8.  You love drama.  Don’t feel bad.  I know lots of people who love, love, love, the drama!  Here’s the thing though; you deserve emotional tranquility and social stability just as much as everyone else but you’re never going to get it until you can learn to stop provoking the people who share space with you.

9.  You are unworthy.  You, like Wayne and Garth from the 90’s smash hit ‘Waynes’ World,’ feel inadequate.  So, you’re walking around with this faulty belief that people with self-esteem are narcissists who need to be taken down a peg when in fact it’s just that you’ve been living, working, learning, and playing in oppressive social ecosystems for so long that you’ve come to view your own self-preservation instincts as threatening.

10.  You ‘are not a hero.’ You ‘were just doing your job.’ Have you heard this one? How come when people do obviously heroic acts they feel this compulsion to tell everyone that they ‘are not a hero?’  What’s wrong with being a hero? Who told you it’s wrong to be heroic? Who benefits by you believing that? You or your oppressor?  Another way people say that they are ‘not a hero’ is by saying ‘I was just doing my job.’  Well, have you ever considered that that is exactly why you are a hero?  Have you ever considered that being heroic actually is your job – as a human being?  Have you considered that perhaps you were born to be heroic?  Have you considered that it’s only possible for a person to manage the social health and functioning of people and places when they have developed a heroic life management style?

The Hero Training – Beginner Audio Program can help you to develop a better understanding of  your role as manager of the social ecosystems in which you live, work, learn, and play and can help you to develop the knowledge competencies that you’ll need in order to create and protect the kind of social ecosystems in which people can be well and do well in life.

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